Pertandingan Piala Sulaman Manik FTIMDC 2009

Alhamdulillah, my effort and hard works for 1 month has been answered last night in a great event of Pertandingan Piala Sulaman Manik Kristal FTIMde 2009(Crystal FTMde Embroidery Beads 2009 Competition).

This is the first competition ever held for beaders to show their embroidery beading creativities and skills in Malaysia. Thai Silk has been chosen as the theme for this competition where beautiful, glamorous, creatives and good beading skills is the key to win the title. 23 participant has shown their beautiful art works in their own styles and skills. I was so nervous as all participant have shown a good beading works. Luckily i won the third place in this competition! I am so happy and surprised at the same time. I hope this will gives me more motivation for me to go further in this field which i have venture for 10 years. :P

I would like to personaly thanks Pn Rozita, my teacher who had given me lots of beading knowledge, tips and tricks. Not to forget FTIM who provides this platform for me to test my own skills of beading works and i won! hehehe. Thanks a lot. enjoy some of the pics below.

The ceremony

Musical show by Pn Rozita & her son

My art work - Bakawali
Surprise surprise!Alhamdullilah i won d 3rd place

With my belove Mom who always support me
3rd, 1st & 2nd winner

Ayu & Zil my sis.

Pn Rozita mother, Pn Rozita and me

Me with my mom and my two personal supporter of the day :p Dayang and Aza

My Runway FTIMDC 2010

This year, contestants have to beads 'Kebaya Nyonya' as creatively and beautifully as they could. Only 21 finalists was chosen and their design was showcase on the runway.

As for me, i was invited by FTIMDC to showcase my collections. Too bad i only managed to send 1 kebaya nyonya only due ti time constraint. It was a memorable moment for me as i walked on the runway with my models and designs :). Hopefully i can show more collections in the year ahead.

Here some pics of my new design. there will be photo shooting soon, hopefully i can show clearer pics of this Kebaya.

Finally, i would like to congratulates those who have won this year FTIMDC competition. :)

Personally i think, Pn Rozita a.k.a my sifoo wore the most beautiful kebaya last nite, i really love it.

Such a lovely day for me :)

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