Kelas Jahit manik 12/4/14

Pendaftaran untuk kelas jahit manik kini dibuka

Kelas pada 12/4/14

I -  Introduction to beading (RM 150)

- Suitable for beginner who never have experience in beading.
- Suitable for those who interested in learning variety of basic techniques in beading.
- Suitable for those interested for hobby or for earning extra income.

What you will learn:
- Learn basic knowledge of materials, beads and beading techniques.
- Learn how to sew 15 different basic of beading techniques

What you will get:
- Materials and beads
- Certificate
- Sulaman manik & Labuci book
- Lunch & Tea break is provided

Siapa yang berminat sila email kepada, contact Ayu atau mengisi borang pendaftaran kelas:


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