FTIMDC Embroidery Designing Techniques magazine launching ceremony

The FTIMDC Embroidery Designing Techniques book launching ceremony was held yesterday at KL Tower revolving restaurant. It was blissful day for me as i’m among the selected person to attend the ceremony. Attendees was from the FTIMDC embroidery competition participants and FTMDC staffs.

Pn. Rosita Jaafar start the ceremony by giving a welcome and appreciations speech to the winners and those who participates in the competition. Then each of the participant received goodies from her which are the new book and our framed design picture. It was lovely and i really love it. The best part for us was, our design are published in the new book. Something i never dream off before :)

So i would like to personally thank FTIMDC especially Pn. Rosita Jaafar for giving me this opportunity and had my design in her book. Thank you. Below are some of the pictures taken yesterday.

DSCN2690DSCN2624 DSCN2637 DSCN2635DSCN2632DSCN2653   DSCN2700DSCN2608DSCN2603 DSCN2656  



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