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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dangling beads

Dangling design is the most favourite designs among my customers, where the beads is made dangling or berjuntai usually at the middle of the neck line to almost center of the Baju Kurung. Saya menggunakan beads, pearl and stones for this type of design.

Stones + Double layer Sequins + beads + Golden thread

The design above is specially made using the golden thread (Sulaman benang emas). The price for this special design is Rm350. It will be cheaper if normal thread and less stones used - Rm250. Anyone interested can give me a call!

A lil Bz!

I would love to share some ideas, tips and tricks how to bead your clothes. It's simple once u know the basic of beading. Everybody can actually do this beading thingy, u just need to have passions and a liltle bit of creativity and off course determinations hahaha cause for some people, it's pretty leceh or tedious :P.

Well i'll tell the tips and tricks soon enough! I'm pretty tight now... I'll find my time to update this blog as frequent as i can ok!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sulaman manik di lengan baju

A few more examples of jahitan manik di lengan baju, using only short beads with simple designs and it cost only Rm40!
Rm 40



Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Beading di Selendang dengan corak putus-putus s;
Simple design
manik disepanjang selendang RM60

manik pada lebar selendang